When I first met Deborah, I felt comfortable immediately and unlike with other therapists I've seen, we were able do some meaningful work right away. I came to her to deal with some significant relationship issues. She showed me my blind spots that were inhibiting me - these were the disowned parts of myself that I was stuffing down because I thought these parts would cause me pain. She led me through how to reclaim those parts to become more whole and happy. Working with Deborah has enriched my life in ways too valuable for words. If you're willing to do the work, she can help!

Jason R.

After my second pregnancy, a hormonal imbalance wreaked havoc on my personality and the subsequent loss of my mother brought on feelings of resentment I aimed at my husband. Admittedly, I didn’t recognize this major change in my behavior and it languished for two years before I finally saw the light during a session with a marriage counselor. This counselor realized I had unresolved issues and introduced me to Deborah. I immediately liked this woman who did not judge me but listened and listened well. She was the consummate professional and through her dedication and hard work, today I feel blessed to have saved my marriage and now have a third child. We are so happy again and my life is complete thanks to Dr. Deborah Marcet.

Allegra K.

I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for many years and was becoming increasingly unhappy and fearful in the situation. I was referred to Dr. Marcet by a coworker that was a former patient of hers and was aware of my situation. I was unsure what to expect from therapy and very nervous before my first session. She made me feel safe and at ease in our session and we immediately began to develop a relationship in which I was able to begin my healing. Together we have undertaken traditional psychotherapy sessions as well as EMDR sessions to help with residual panic symptoms stemming from my abusive relationship. Dr. Marcet helped me take back control of my life and I will be forever grateful.

Lagare B.

My first impression of Deborah was here was a woman who was grounded, extremely capable and had a sense of strength about her that really helped me with my trust issues.
Through the course of my now completed therapy she helped me achieve a better developed sense of awareness. I now understand how to make better choices and she has given me the life skills that were sorely missing from my life and holding me back. Deborah is always there if I hit a rough patch, but our work together has improved my life exponentially.

Sandy C.

"I was the victim of childhood sexual abuse and have lived in the shadows for much of my adult life. I was scared to death to see a psychologist because I was afraid of being judged, but I had reached the point of becoming suicidal. All my concerns immediately disappeared when I met Deborah for the first time....

Rebecca A.